An Introductory Guide to Aromatherapy
EMS Publishing
Louise Tucker
Paperback 258mm x 199mm
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An Introductory Guide to Aromatherapy helps learners gain the practical and theoretical skills necessary for successful aromatherapy treatments, and its detailed list of fixed and essential oils also makes it a comprehensive reference for qualified professionals and home users alike.

Beginning with the history of aromatherapy, the key principles of plant identification, and the different methods of extracting oils, this fully-illustrated textbook goes on to provide a thorough A-Z of the origin, properties, and uses of essential oils and a practical explanation of aromatherapy massage techniques.

Also including useful information on the buying and storage of oils, as well as a chapter of sample treatment case studies, An Introductory Guide to Aromatherapy gives a perfect overview of this fascinating therapy.

Chapter list

  1. The history and origins of aromatherapy
  2. Essential oils and where they come from
  3. Botany
  4. How aromatherapy works
  5. Application: buying and using oils
  6. A-Z of essential oils
  7. How to use essential oils at home
  8. Aromatherapy massage
  9. The holistic approach
  10. Other complementary therapies
  11. Case studies
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