An Introductory Guide to Reflexology
EMS Publishing
Louise Tucker
Paperback 258mm x 199mm
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An Introductory Guide to Reflexology provides a concise survey of reflexology theory and practice and covers the history, development, and concept of reflexology, its techniques and applications, and treatments for specific conditions.

Clear, well-balanced text and easy to follow diagrams of each reflex area present complex information in a readily understandable way, and sensible notes on how best to conduct and record consultations ground the therapy in real-world situations.

Aimed particularly at students, study and revision are facilitated with an annotated fold-out reflex map of the feet and hands, detailed case studies, and ‘test your knowledge’ resources.

Chapter list

  1. History and development of reflexology
  2. Theory and concept of reflexology
  3. Structure and diseases of hands and feet
  4. Techniques
  5. Techniques
  6. Treating specific conditions
  7. Consultation, treatment & case studies
  8. Case Studies
  9. The holistic approach
  10. Other complementary therapies
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