The Art and Science of Beauty Therapy
EMS Publishing
Jane Foulston
Paperback 258mm x 199mm
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The Art and Science of Beauty Therapy is an indispensable reference for beauty therapists, providing up to the minute guidance for Level 2 qualifications and including full coverage of Facial Electrical treatments.

Each treatment is explained using insights and practical advice from a team of industry experts, and the book clearly illustrates the personal qualities and professional skills that make a successful beauty specialist.

  • Step-by-step photo sequences and diagrams
  • Checklists, key points and topic summaries
  • Anatomy & Physiology for easy understanding
  • Maps learning objectives for core units at Level 2

Fourth edition, June 2016

e-Learning also available

Chapter list

  1. Being professional
  2. The anatomy and physiology of the face, head and neck
  3. Skin and eye treatments
  4. Using make-up
  5. Manicure and pedicure
  6. Depilation
  7. Cosmetic science
  8. The science of electrical treatments
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