The Art and Science of Spa and Body Therapy
EMS Publishing
Jane Foulston
Paperback 258mm x 199mm
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Learn about the diverse world of spa therapy with this guide to the latest spa treatments, products and services. The Art and Science of Spa & Body Therapy leads the student through the key therapies at the heart of the vibrant spa sector, and provides a wealth of industry knowledge and advice. With detailed coverage of hydrotherapy, sauna, masks & wraps, body massage, and electrical treatments, and free online demonstration videos to clarify techniques and procedures, this is a complete reference for Spa Therapists.

  • Each treatment step-by-step - therapeutic effects and benefits clearly explained
  • Learning objectives, core concepts & checklists to structure learning
  • Safety facts and practical tips to promote professional standards
  • Maps to national standards for Level 3 Spa & Body
  • Includes Body Analysis and Client Care
  • 60 minutes of free treatment videos

Revised Edition 2017

Chapter list

  1. Being professional
  2. Body analysis
  3. Exfoliation
  4. Tanning
  5. Heat treatments
  6. Spas
  7. Hydrotherapy
  8. Body masks and wraps
  9. Massage techniques
  10. The science of electrical treatments
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